About us

Cape Dorset and surrounding areas provide stunning landscapes that will enrich you with history, culture and adventure. Huit Huit Tours offers a variety of eco-culture trips in Cape Dorset and the south Baffin region. Inuit art and culture are a focus of town tours. Visitors live the culture with local people and learn about environmental adaptations from our “on-the-land” programs through dog sledding, camping, observing wildlife and viewing archaeological sites. We provide logistical and tour services to individuals, groups, film companies, divers and photographers. All-women groups and custom tours can be organized on request.

Your expedition guides

Timmun and Kristiina Alariaq are the owners and operators of Huit Huit Tours. Timmun was born in an outpost camp and raised on the land, and will share the traditional knowledge and skills to survive on land and sea. Educated in the south, he returned to the north where he has worked as a media coordinator, artist and government administrator while continuing to hunt, fish, and train sled dogs.

Kristiina Alariaq was born in Finland and raised in northern Ontario. She arrived in Cape Dorset in 1976. She has learned traditional Inuit women’s skills, dog sledding, Inuit art and social development in Nunavut.

The Alariaqs’ passion for the north and respect for traditional Inuit knowledge is transmitted through the unique cultural experiences they share with their guests as they discover the Arctic.