Guided trips

With our trips, you’ll discover more than appreciation for the land. You can share in our kinship with the stunning natural arctic environment, and millennia-old Inuit traditions and knowledge. Take a summer sea trip and visit Thule and Tuniit camps along the south Baffin coast. We’ll share the community’s natural traditional knowledge. You’ll marvel at our ancestors' ingenuity and survival skills in this unforgiving arctic environment.

Discover a land and sea environment teeming with plant and wildlife that has sustained Inuit for centuries. These lush horizons will electrify every sense. Undiscovered sights, sounds, tastes, smells and touches will expand and deepen your knowledge, appreciation and connection to the natural, cultural and historical world. Join our arctic adventure, and discover your arctic dreams.

For more information on dates, length of trip and costs, please download our information sheet.