Inuit culture connected to land and sea

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On arrival to Cape Dorset, you’ll get a taste of Inuit culture with the rich tastes of local cuisine. Our home cooked meal is truly a warm northern welcome.

The following day we take to the water on two boats to our outpost camp 80 kilometres east along the south Baffin coast. En route we stop at Itilliaqjuk and hike up gentle, sprawling hills to glimpse the centuries old array of inuksuit that stand guard over this narrow passage. Crossing Andrew Gordon Bay, we’ll pass islands with storied names that harken to a bygone era when Inuit lived in camps along this archipelago.

From Iqalugaaqjuk Camp we take daily hikes and discover a multitude of miniature plants and nesting birds on nearby cliffs and lakes. We may see caribou passing by the camp or grazing on the coastal hills. Arctic fox and hares frequently visit the camp, and occasionally, a polar bear may pass by.

The Andrew Gordon Bay area has numerous former Inuit, Thule and Dorset culture camps that we can hike to. We may also take boat trips to explore other archaeological sites further along the coast or on the islands.

Upon this trip’s completion, you’ll not only appreciate Inuit culture and history, you’ll also be enriched by its profound role in human history and culture.

Group size: 6 people, 3 guides
Physical stamina required: light to moderate
Trip length: 9 days